Prof. Uwe Sauer

Prof. Uwe Sauer, ETH Zürich (Switzerland)

Prof. Sauer is a leading researcher in microbial systems biology. The overarching theme of his research is understanding the coordination of cellular networks, metabolism and regulation in particular. He is one of the leaders to develop high-​throughput technology and conceptually new approaches towards a most sophisticated knowledge base. The speciality of his interdisciplinary team of biologists, engineers, and computer scientists are high-​throughput experimental technologies for quantitative metabolomics, 13C-​based intracellular flux analysis, and dynamic GFP analysis in mini-​scale cultivations. Different types of mathematical models are then used to quantitatively relate metabolomics, expression and proteomics data to the functional network output in terms of fluxes. Prof. Sauer has published over 200 research papers.